Conference Program


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WiFM Networking Event

Sunday Dec 4, 3 – 5pm, Venue TBD

All women and gender diverse conference participants who are practicing or studying in the field of fluid mechanics are invited to attend this informal networking reception. This event provides the opportunity for attendees to build meaningful connections, enjoy the company of colleagues and find support in a network of peers prior to the commencement of the conference.

Panel Sessions

Panel session #1 (Monday): Challenges in Translational Research

This panel will discuss the challenges of conducting research and development at intermediate technology readiness levels in the context of fluid mechanics and the Australian R&D environment. A particular focus will be on potential solutions for translating between the stages of concept formulation, typically performed in academia, and operational demonstration and qualification, typically perfomed in industry.

Panel session #2 (Tuesday): Hydrogen & Green Fuels

This panel will discuss emerging trends in the production and utilisation of green fuels, including biofuels, hydrogen and its derivatives, as well as the challenges involved with decarbonising the energy and transport sectors.

Panel session #3 (Wednesday): Boundary Layers Under Adverse Pressure Gradients

This panel will discuss progress in the theory and modelling of boundary layers under adverse pressure gradients, with a particular focus on industrially relevant configurations in the aerospace, automotive and maritime sectors.

Panel session #4 (Thursday): Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applications in Fluid Mechanics

This panel will discuss recent advances in the application of machine learning techniques to longstanding problems in fluid mechanics, including improvements in turbulence closures and reduced-order modelling, flow prediction, control & optimisation as well as hybridisation of data-driven and physics-based approaches.