Abstract, Poster and Manuscript Submission

For this conference there will be some changes from previous meetings.

  • We will have ‘listed’ and ‘non-listed’ papers.
    • Listed papers will be subject to the usual peer review process. Non-listed papers can be either an extended abstract or a full paper, and will be vetted but not subject to a full peer review.
    • Authors accepted under the non-listed stream will by default have their abstract included in the proceedings, although you may elect to submit a full paper for inclusion in the proceedings by the full paper deadline.
    • Acceptance of an oral presentation is independent of whether authors choose to make their paper listed or non-listed.
  • We will have a poster session for the first time.

The abstract submission portal is now open.

The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended until May 25th.

Abstract submission instructions

Click ‘Make Submission‘ to register an account for each contribution. A unique Submission ID will be automatically assigned.

Click ‘Upload File‘ to upload your abstract in PDF format using the assigned Submission ID.

Click ‘Edit Submission‘ to make changes to your submission if necessary.

Abstract Template – LaTeX

Abstract Template – Word

AFMS guidance regarding licensing of papers submitted to AFMC:


Q: Are we allowed to submit multiple abstracts/present multiple papers at the conference?

A: Yes. Use ‘Make Submission’ to start a new submission. Each submission will be assigned a unique Submission ID.

Q: How can I upload a PDF file to my submission?

A: Return to the submission portal and choose the ‘Upload File’ option.

Q: Does the first author on the abstract need to be the presenting author?

A: No.

Q: Can images be included in the abstract?

A: No. Please follow the abstract template given on the website. You cannot include images in this template. Once the abstract is accepted you may choose either full paper or an extended abstract for inclusion in the proceedings. In the extended abstract you may include images. A template for both will be provided shortly.

Q: I am intending to go for the non-listed option. Do I still need to write a full paper or would an extended abstract be sufficient?

A: If you select the non-listed option, you do not need to submit a full paper. You can submit an extended abstract.

Q: How long should the extended abstract be?

A: Instructions on the length and format of the extended abstract and paper will be provided on the conference website shortly.